In the comfort of your home.

We all have different goals for our dogs, and every dog learns and responds differently to training. Working one-on-one allows me to focus solely on you, your family and your dog making adjustments as needed in real time.  Private lessons can be done in the comfort of your home and your dogs usual environment.  Private training allows me to accomplish more with you and your dog in less time compared to a group setting.

A balanced training approach is used and customized to what works best for you and your dog. Ultimately, we are trying to open the lines of communication between you and your dog, in turn allowing for more peace and harmony within your home.

My goal in an initial lesson is to try to give you a good enough sense of how to approach your training so that you can make progress immediately.  Most often, the dog can catch on right away, and it is the human that takes the time to change their habits.  As soon as the human can grasp what needs to be done and make simple changes, the issues they want to resolve with their dog will dissolve away.   The majority of my clients notice changes with a day or so and that one lesson is all they need.  I am always finding the best way to get my information across to make it fun and easy for you.  

Lesson in your home: (Approx. 2 hours, not timed) $340 +HST (extra fees may apply for further travel)

Follow up Phone Calls and E-mails: FREE!

Follow up lessons in your home: $80 + HST  ( additional driving expenses if out of town.)

Follow up lessons are approximately 1 hour (not timed) and more hands on than the first lesson.  A follow up is great for more challenging dogs, or for someone that wants to do extra work with their dog.   Follow up lessons can be done at your home, in the forest, at the dog park, or wherever we decide your dog needs work.